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Current Project

At the moment I'm working on the first version of my iLiNX game engine. Although very basic, it will provide everything for the creation of a fascinating 3D game world.

The core feature of iLiNX is the fast orbital movement of the player around a planet and his interaction with the planet and the entities on it or in it's orbit. Rapid day and night changes will play an important role in iLiNX based games.

At the moment I'm fine-tuning my OpenGL renderer and creating more content for testing. The next step will be the implementation of the physics part of my engine. I plan to start with coding the collision detection in spring 2011.

I create the models and the textures of the planets with Lightwave 3D. For texturing other models than the planets I also use 3D Coat. To record the movies I use Fraps. Afterwards I compress videos with VirtualDub.

Visually I'm still searching for an appropriate style. I don't have the talent and the resources for a visual realism. On the other hand I want the game to show off the detailed normal maps.

Future Projects

The first version of the iLiNX engine will be rather basic. It will be the foundation of my future games. With every new game I want to add new features to iLiNX.

Features of iLiNX v1.0:

  • Deferred OpenGL Renderer using GLSL-shaders.
  • Imports Lightwave Object files and TGA textures.
  • Shadowmapping, Normalmapping and Bloom.
  • Particle Engine.
  • Orbital movement around a sphere.
  • Collision detection.



Planet Solter Planet NievesPlanet Nieves Planet SalenPlanet Salen  

Movie Clips:

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