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Currently I'm finishing the graphics part of my iLiNX engine. Below you can read what I'm working on right now and what the future steps are.

Current Work Steps:

  • Optimization of the Deferred Shading Framework
    Find ways to speed up rendering
    More speed means more room for content! As a first step I will split the framebuffer objects (fbos).
  • Debugging the Deferred Shading Framework
    Until now everything works fine except shadow mapping
    The objects get sometimes a strange self shadowing.
  • Alpha Blending as a Post Process
    The rendering of textures with an alpha channel takes place after the deferred shading
    Using alpha blending the engine can render decals.
  • Implementation of a Particle System
    The Particle System requires alpha blending
    This enables eyecandy like fountains or explosions.

Future Work Steps:

  • Collision Detection
    Starting the work on the physics part of my engine
    Calculating the collision point of two meshes and the reaction so they don't penetrate each other.

Finished work steps:

  • Bloom Shader works.
  • Normalmapping Shader works.
  • Deferred Shading framework with Early Z Cull and G-Buffer Framebuffer Objects works.
  • The engine reads and processes GLSL-Shaders.
  • The engine can switch between four test levels.
  • The engine reads TGA-files.
  • The engine reads Lightwave Object files with UV maps and saves them internally as Vertex Buffer Objects.

Planet Nieves

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