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Blumenmacht is the first game I developed from ground up and most importantly finally finished. The best description of my game comes from Moby Games:


Blumenmacht is colourful non-violent shoot-em-up with ballerinas, entirely controlled with the mouse. Gameplay consist of different ballerinas in a pogo dance. The player takes control of the ballerina with the leading part, the prima ballerina. To win a game, the prima ballerina has to throw flowers at the other ballerinas to make them happy, while they try to do the same. Happiness is represented through hearts and the game is lost when the prima ballerina controlled by the player is entirely happy. Other ballerinas in the playfield can be tracked through a butterfly that guides the prima ballerina. To throw flowers at the others, the player needs to move the cat icon on top of another ballerina.

Staying unhappy is possible through different means. The prima ballerina can try to avoid the flowers of the other ballerinas, use blossom time (right click) to freeze time and get the upper hand (click on a ballerina to move her through the flowers), or switch to another ballerina to take the lead part. To do this, players need to click the cat icon on another ballerina and enter her name. When this is done correctly within the time limit, the other ballerina becomes the lead. A final way to avoid happiness is through muses. By throwing blossoms at muses, hearts can be exchanged for 3 types of talent: blue (a larger garden with more blossoms to throw), red (nice blooms that make the ballerinas happy faster) and green (faster movement).



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